Trey has been a leader in the AMC community, though hes recently taken time off from stock content on YouTube. was never positive for more than three months. Im new to stocks, this is my first week. New retail investors are wondering whether $1k, $10k, or even $100k per share is even possible. Much love and respect to all that want a better, unified United States! Could have sold when I saw 6 figures in my portfolio but I believe in this movement and wont sell a single share until it reaches $1000-2000. -i suspect algorithmic collusion when more than 1 hedge company is shorting, possibly even on opposing sides of when you see barcoding prices, but definitely when price drops significantly despite relatively even buy/sell trading volume. Stop voting strictly on parties lines and vote for the best candidate. Where is the best place to buy these shares from?, a secure app or website? -, How High Can AMC Stock Price Skyrocket Up To? youtubers Trey/Matt etc have all gone quiet, what else can they find to say? POST ACCURATE SHORT POSITIONS WITH DATE DUE. Single dad, always rented and this would be life changing allowing me to buy a house and be mortgage free. I hold with my Ape family. Thanks for reading. I have 1055 shares and amc short squeeze will allow me to retire and have enough investment income to where I should be good for awhile. It is important to realize that there is not Updates every 10 minutes. price. Are we going to witness another similarly decisive tactic utilized to protect the short interest from suffering the consequences of justice for their corrupt & evil trading techniques that exploit, manipulate, and control the world? ($1000 or better) this will set off my retirement nicely. We own the float so we set the price. This manipulation caused an outrage. Love all your content Frank. Hoping to set up an early retirement or at least become debt free, Thanks Pat! ranking by borrow cost, where the most expensive to borrow US To the moon brother . Stocksera is an open-source, free for all application. As of 3/27 AMCs short borrow fee rate is 214%. positive impact on returns since the GFC (not taking into account 2008.01! incurred as a result of your trading. AMCs current short interest is around 24.98%. Parents cant always afford these things and I would love to set up a fund with some of my money. -turn off stock sharing on whatever app you use (if your getting little interest payments, then you are most likely helping hedgies bc they can borrow your shares to use to short attack you). Check out what Adam Aron had to say (via. near them, 800 shares for taxes, and 200 shares for church and helping others. I HODL for you, and I know you all will HODL for me. significant ever, given the soaring share prices of highly shorted Slowly adding to the total. FINRA shows a record for debit balances in margin accounts, Modernizing it would be good, but who is going to do it? You all need to be thinking higher floor. Invest AMC today, its going to be history making. As the AMC short drags on for at least 2-3 months longer (Mooning with each short expiration). Im a teacher, going through a divorce, raising a 13 year old. index with exposure, however the valuations in that cohort, largely Das Naes Unidas 14401, Torre Hotel Chcara Santo Antnio So Paulo, BR-SP, Highest borrow fee US equities outperformed by 29% MTD, More to short interest data than meets the eye. You then have to pay the interest fee, to continue borrowing. Dark pool percentage shows trading volume through Dark Pools. which saw an all-time record for debit balances in margin accounts Quarter 2 earnings for AMC were absolutely amazing! Recovering my retirement that resolved in 08/09. Right now I am currently sitting on 1000 shares of AMC and 5 Call Options. Already have a house/car/dog/cranky ass wife and new golf clubs. People will possibly lose their jobs, How are you feeling now still holding on? Tonight I have watched some videos and some of the youtubers think the price could go to $ 50 this week. I think we were cranking in June 2021 when we were going up and I thought, Yes, this is the squeeze It is happening! I think I was up to like $1.55M at one point! AMCs short interest data shows us the stock has the perfect setup for a short squeeze. Following the substantial outperformance of high-fee shares in God Bless you! Getting into crypto led me into stocks, and discovered amc (wow shocker lol) but Ive only bought 10 stocks. Should land at just a hair over 1,500 shares. Debt free, day trading, no boss love it. would have resulted in lagging behind benchmark indices which had I was reading something that suggested Robinhood was not a good place to buy these AMC shares, but I am confused on why that is. Prob Wall Street and the politicians they donate to and who after they retire sit on their boards. Retail investors remain excited about the data that has been collected for years now. Hoping for 1000! -given the different short position prices and due dates, I expect mini-moons vs 1 upUranus-moon Hows it going? Many trading apps move their trades thru Citadel, from what I read from recently (Verification needed). close connection to the defendants law firm, Mullen Announces New Illegal Shorting Investigation,,,,, Why New Retail Investors Investing in AMC Should Avoid Robinhood -, Is Now a Good Time to Buy AMC Stock? A stock loan fee is the fee charged by a brokerage for borrowing shares. Los Angeles Times), but AMC movie theater attendees have increased drastically in 2023. That is, for those whose majority of shares were purchased at todays current lows. I purchased all my AMC shares via Robinhood. A lot more. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. I will be buying more tomorrow. #AMC100K #MOASS #AMC500K Great DD and info 2k bananas deep and strong ass ape hands. 205 BananasHolding until this pimple pops at the peak of popping perfection! When will the bad times end for short sellers? So, I have another question. On this topic it's borrow fee for the most expensive to borrow shares, in addition to made some money on doge just bought 1000 shares In 2021, AMCs first short squeeze rose to nearly 1,000% in January, then to more then 3,000% in June. The short borrow fee was up to like 70% months ago but it still didnt cause them to cover or close positions. Its a beautiful system if you on that side (look at all the new hedge fund IPOs). A short squeeze is when retail investors sell AMC stock for profit, correct? GameStop shares that have been borrowed and sold short have declined by just about 5 million over the last week, marking an 8% dip in the short interest, according to S3. Slept on them for years and laughed as I was ignorant and didnt know or desire the knowledge. 1k was months ago. most-borrowed outperforming by 23.6% MTD. While the trading dynamics of the GME trade extend explaining the increased share price. Short Squeeze = Financial Freedom To Travel The World! Lmao - thanks for reading brother. I know a lot of people are transferring asap, Wendy. valued at $860bn (then a record) while debit balances were $579bn with only a 5m share reduction in borrowing, suggesting that short Thats an insane amount of shares congrats . I know no matter what the shorts must be covered but what is the most negative thing that could happen. AMC short interest is $4.53 billion of $21.6 billion market cap 88.20 million shares shorted 17.65% Short Interest percent of float Shorts are now down $3.91 billion in year-to-date. GameStop (GME). I am burdened with student loan debt. ]}, Discover more about S&P Globals offerings, , Director of Securities Finance, S&P Global Market Intelligence, Global Credit and Risk Symposium: Unlocking Possibilities, JW Marriott Sao Paulo Av. I would like to use that one, being that this event could be life changing, and I want to make sure i get all my money when the time comes to sell. My karma gonna run over some hedgie dogma. Do you still have 7000 shares? They're even listed as one of the top risks related to AMC common stock on the company . traded volume during this time, which does not preclude short Its very hard to keep the momentum in these things because economic reality does take hold. Corporations and their CEOs are not people so you can hate them all you want. stmicroelectronics crolles stmicroelectronics crolles photos stmicroelectronics crolles location stmicroelectronics crolles address We will prevail . So selling and repositioning lower might be a viable strategy. If nothing else I can at least leave my family without a ton of debt. Let us know in the comments section below what an AMC short squeeze would mean for you! Why is everyone setting the bar so low. So whats your outlook on all this? AMC, were removed from the analysis, the relative outperformance of However, this price decline may factor into the recipe for a short squeeze. How soon will we see an AMC short squeeze? I published an entire article on this information you can read all about here. equity short sellers likely remains in the trade, a portion of the S&P Global provides industry-leading data, software and technology platforms and managed services to tackle some of the most difficult challenges in financial markets. Didn't fox news accuse voting machines rigged? If an AMC short squeeze doesnt occur, AMC stock price will still go up allowing shareholders to make at least some sort of profit. Short Exempt Volume are the amount of short sales exempted from the uptick rule. 100% of the outstanding shares of a firm and a short seller who -dont put in so much that you cant recover because everyone can promise you the world online. Short percentage is the amount of volume shorted. $4.95 The company's cloud infrastructure platform allows for the bidding and optimization of digital ads across multiple platforms, and it had 2.93 million shares held short as of mid-April. For a guide on when to sell read this article: I will be 55. If this was a pump and dump, believe it people would track those fellas down, Those guys are good kids, Id like to see them in politics! Currently 3300 shares holding to the moon. Yet, the short interest (a.k.a. Pitbulls are so loyal anf affectionate if raised with love! Thank you for your service Jason. Ive been holding since February and Im EXCITED for whats coming . losses incurred by the increasing share prices. Yes, they will have to be at least that smart, (MeetKevin, a YouTube influence and educator is running in California and he seems like an outstanding person.). Hedge Funds shorting companies in a vain effort to bankrupt them so that they can usher in a replacement industries that they have already heavily invested in). GameStop shares that have been borrowed and sold short have declined by just about 5 million over the last week, marking an 8% dip in the short interest, according to S3. Thats quite a multiplier. 1030 shares. So it has taken 9 months to recover an we are barely doing it now. Help my son finish med school. My well to do buddy jumped in on 20,000 shares and I did what I could to to keep up and started with 10,xxx and am now a total of exactly 14,200 shares. Melvin Capital got bailed out last year. declined by 14.8m shares, which may have had a material impact on Hedgies churning the market Hodling for more but would still be ecstatic with that outcome. Redditors have touched base on this topic and are determined anything below $100 is a buy, for a short squeeze that is. I dont trust them either way. Majority of the float is also held by retail investors, so the company has a huge support. information, there was a 5.6m share reduction in shares on loan -HOLDING in this situation where retail holds high % of float and reported short positions being 15% (probably much higher due to failures of market makers and limp SEC) The approved conversion of APE units into AMC shares and a reverse stock split could cause . Im only holding around 150 shares. As of today, all AMC movie theaters are now open across the United States with many selling out. However, in late February of this year, fees were as high as a whopping 700% plus. As an example, imagine there is an investor who owns Not. We look forward to welcoming back our New York City guests to the big seats, big sounds and big screens that are only possible at a movie theatre.. Fee Available Updated; 204.5 %: 650,000: 2023-04-28 16:45:06: 204.5 %: 650,000: 2023-04-28 16:30:05: 202.3 %: 600,000: 2023-04-28 16:15:03: 202.3 %: 600,000: 2023-04 . as compared with the lowest-fee shares. Ive actually increased my position to about 2650 shares and also added about 50 GME shares as well. Plus I of course would like to live a better life for my daughter and myself and bring her brother home. Im still a baby investor. This really is what they were looking for in some ways as the mother of all short squeezes. There have been some prior periods with relative elevated fees). A dimension where I will create a non-profit organization whose sole purpose it is to create an environment that allows people to experience the synergy necessary to pursue their greatest potential in life. 12months for some time to come. If we all hold strong we can change the lives of fellow apes who have 100 shares or less. Summary of trading data of AMC. 132 shares is all I could afford. First Republic Bank shares become harder to borrow, S&P Global Market Intelligence wins Waters Sell-Side Technology award for XVA and Counterparty Credit Risk, Watch the replay to hear Chris Varvares and Nathan Stovall as they discuss the latest outlook for the U.S. economy,, The average performance of Q1 2023 IPOs had positive returns on the first day and week of trading but were well bel, Demand for financial technology products and services remains strong at US banks, according to a recent survey cond, Join us in Orlando for @SIFMAs 50th Annual #SIFMAOps event. Im 950 shares long and climbing. I have 42 shares on RH and terrified of moving at this critical time. In this article, were going to go over some of the latest developments in AMC, its history since redditors took over, and an AMC short squeeze update for the year of 2023. I made that promise to myself when we got married. Love what it stands for ! When smoke clears and SEC tries to pin it on them, they can innocently shrug and feign ignorance. That was a far cry from Q1 2016, when short Thats beautiful, Concetta. A wave of day traders continued to encourage each other to pile into GameStop's shares and call options, creating a massive short squeeze that inflicted pain for hedge funds betting against the stock. I am a teacher. Probably bought over 30 times slowly adding to my total. Updates every 10 minutes. There has been substantial discussion of the GME short interest is published market news and business news for retail investors. Heres some history and backstory on whats happened with AMC ever since retail investors saved the company from bankruptcy. Best thing we can do is share links to good information so Apes are more informed. Hodl. Fee rate is expressed as an annualized percentage charged by Interactive Brokers. The performance of short interest factors - that is Currently retired. 13000 shares of AMC and Im holding to see one of the greatest transfers of wealth from the 1%ers. Please enter a ticker symbol (TSLA) instead of the name (Tesla). As of 1/12, were seeing 0 shares have been made available to borrow, via Stonk-O-Tracker. Chances are if it opens higher than you will have to cancel your transaction and buy at the new ask amount. And thats probably when opposing hedges will join in to make some easy money against at hedges shorting positions. We want to hear from you. The The time has come where I either need to do some major repairs (plumbing and electric) , sell the house, or knock it down to rebuild. (last update: 2023-05-01T16:31:01-04:00). Most of the short covering occurred on Thursday, when the stock fell for the first time in six days. Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and Analysis. A candidate who know history and can stand up to rigorous fact checking. We switched short data to solely Finra from that date. Hedge fund affiliate partners such as MarketWatch, The Fool, and other finance website have been trying to redirect the public from investing in this stock. the embedded call option approaches one. My grandmother left me her home but its over 100 years old. Mother of two beautiful boys. Obtain the data you need to make the most informed decisions by accessing our extensive portfolio of information, analytics, and expertise. Totally agree. Be sure to share on the forum Groups . I only have 19 shares. I hope this is not a double post, but when will retail investors know when to sell? #HOLDING, One thing is certain, this is going to happen for you . . That simple. Holding 4,045 bananas. worth of underperformance before returning to the long-run AMC continues to be heavily shorted through dark pools and other market manipulation tactics. Fees Adding Up: S3 estimates short sellers paid a total of $1.91 billion in stock borrow fees in the first quarter of 2023, up from $1.54 billion in the fourth quarter of 2022. This table shows the interest rate that must be paid by a short seller of US:AMC to the lender of that security. Trading volume will speak for itself, and retail investors will just have to wait to find out whether AMC can reach GameStop numbers. Or, are we looking at a longer game here? 466 bananas and Im not letting go until amc5000!!! AMC Entertainment is still heavily shorted. If your not doing Ape stuff then I dont see a prob turning it back on, but it does benefit hedges and day traders more than average retail investors and tradition Apes that just buy and hold till moon comes with expiring short position I think back then on May 8, 2021, I had 6000 shares and 7000 Call Options for AMC. Time to apply REAL pressure and see AMC rise above the HF swamp. Ann Marie. equities have outperformed by 2.6% per month on average over the 12 Total short interest is 4.7 million . Hold strong, Ive spent the last few days researching and buying. methods of ranking stocks by most to least shorted with the aim of If a short squeeze doesnt happen, fundamentals will continue to bring the stock up as more investors are buying the stock. My sons medical tution fee may be here. Our mission is a spiritual goal for the self-actualization of our Oneness with all. The Short Squeeze Score is the result of a sophisticated, multi-factor quantitative model that identifies companies that have the highest risk of experiencing a short squeeze. All the numbers point towards the right direction for a massive short squeeze. AMC and GameStop blew Wall Street out of the water in 2021. Lenders are funds or individuals that own the security that have indicated to the broker that they are willing to lend it out. Its been a ride but I know the squeeze is inevitable. If you dont see one, then you probably have to stand up and run yourself. Will we see an AMC short squeeze while we continue to ride todays bear market? Cheers to the future. unwound during March and April) . Ultimately positive and uninfluenced news on AMC. Saludos desde Espaa !!! While shorts might have the capability to short AMC stock, this is only temporary. 40 shares and holding. Read: Codes to see if your phone has been hacked. I am on the ride to $1k with the rest of you. AMC shares are trading up $0.13 today. worth remembering that shares are not consumed in the short selling . This is the type of news retail investors truly yearned for at the time. the buying of shares to cover shorts can only go so far in most benchmark indices, the marked outperformance relative to When this squeezes I will be able to pay off all my debt and buy a home outright! I have AMC stock on robinhood and began to research the jump today. My 30 bananas are simply for playlets see where it peaks! We got government funds investing, Blackrock, Vanguard and Swiss Bank too. Single for holding 9 shares I wish you the best. A short squeeze could even put them out of business. Transcriptsshowed Citadel and Robinhood did in fact have blunt negotiations the night prior to the halts. Firstly, in terms of timing of AMC STOCK GROUP -when posting info, share links that other Apes can verify and learn how to do their own due diligence Def paying off student loans and house. send popup message to another computer on network powershell, mrs maxwell bakery new location,
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